Business Intelligence is Dimensional Concepts’ niche area of expertise. We strive to develop solutions that present the right information at the right time, the first time!

dcPicWorkWe begin our BI approach/solution by collating the information from multiple sources and providing that information to users in an easy to understand format. Being highly flexible and agile, our solutions let our customers analyze the captured data according to requirements, quickly and easily to reach the information they need and identify the important trends that they seek.

Our approach on any BI engagements starts with a concerted effort to define user/customer requirements (collect requirements & conduct data audits). We work collaboratively with our customers to design, development, and deployment of BI tools that answer business questions. We continuously consult with client organizations’ personnel to ensure that our understanding is up-to-date and is in full compliance with the requirements. We utilize the best practices and techniques in extracting, identifying, cleansing, and analyzing data to provide accurate historical, current and predictive information.

We apply a framework model that identifies three core principles of service delivery that are built on a foundation of state-of-the art technology. The three principles are:

  • Ability to measure outcomes by transforming basic data into information that can support various business functions.
  • Implementing infrastructure and user support that enables decision makers to make the right decisions.
  • Aligning IT resources with organizational and functional structures and requirements to define and implement best practices and achieve desired outcomes.

Dimensional Concepts helps our customers to meet the challenges they confront while moving toward implementing responsive business management systems, deploying them enterprise-wide, and using them to produce and sustain organizational and functional improvements. Dimensional Concepts has developed the services, software, and methodologies to accelerate the progress of our clients towards this goal. We help simplify overwhelming business tasks and improve outcomes and help your organization to be more data-driven.

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